The Burned Pharaoh

Between an Oil Rig and a Whirlpool Part 2

I really love the antarctic, the cold air filling my lungs, the vast icebergs broken up by a totally empty base. Ah, the wonders I’ve seen the past few months…

After looting the base, we grabbed a Cat and started the trek to where Atlantis should be. After getting most of the way there, our vehicle broke down and eventually got swallowed up by the ice. Luckily we didn’t have far to go. I just fear what I already know… Shay is there. I can sense her, she’s not in danger, she’s what I didn’t want to believe.

We found the camp, at least what was left of it. The guards died of hypothermia and it was our fate to make the plunge to the depths of Atlantis here. After some swimming we managed to find our way to a submerged boat swarming with Atlantians.

Some sneaking and navigating later, we found them, Helfer, Shay, Hector and the sniper bitch. It was a hell of a fight and I can’t believe Shay stabbed me. I don’t know what to do now…



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