The Burned Pharaoh

Cleaning Up The Past


I’ve been tracking Pan down for quite a while now, we had him on the run for the last 4 months. Beowulf had been steadfast through this journey, the men however usually need some mead to pacify the complaining. My prior companions had been quite the distraction lately, quite a bit of trouble they had been through. Luckily they managed by themselves, I didn’t need any detours in this hunt.

Beowulf pinned Pan down to a cabin nearby but our journey got interrupted by an old enemy, a camazotz. It took out a couple of my men but I dispatched it easy enough. When we finally got to the cabin, we noticed a trap door and I told my men to stay put while I flush Pan out.

Heading down the hatch, I notice that it seems to go quite a distance more than I suspected. Once at the bottom, a quick look around reveals the cave ceiling is filled with those giant dirty flying rats. Also, it felt funny here… feels like link the Irish overworld. Before I could really wrap my brain around what this all could mean, the camazotz attacked. While at least they tried. After killing a few the rest fled in fear and low and behold, Pan stood in front of me going through his typical spiel about not wanting to fight fair. And wouldn’t you know it… I don’t know how he did it, but he managed to escape. Another one of his tricks, pushing his fear of me back on to myself.

While I’m not sure of the importance of this place, I figure I better report it to the higher ups. Looks like we are getting the team back together and we need to take out some of Helfer’s old haunts. While I am all for finishing old business, I am loathe to be distracted from hunting down Pan. I suppose there is nothing that can be done about it now, but mark my words, I will be on his trail again soon.

Cleaning Up The Past

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