The Burned Pharaoh

Pandora's Box, Chapter One


Talk about a whirlwind coming back home. The CDC closed down the doctors lab due to some biological hazard warnings, a small isolated town goes crazy and they all kill each other, we have to kidnap some heart surgeon’s wife for a Aztec god, and to top it all off lets throw pan in the mix wanting to make us a quite horrible deal.

So we figured out its Pandora’s box causing all the commotion at the lab and we have to go close it. On our way there we into Pan who ended up being behind the wholetown going crazy. He offers us a deal that in exchange for Pandora’s box, he will stop doing that to other towns. Unfortunately for him, I believe we are just going to have to kill him because I am definately not OK with giving him this…

Pandora's Box, Chapter One

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