The Burned Pharaoh

Pandors Box Ch 2

It seems that no matter what we do, the problems we face keep compounding on themselves. We were able to track Pandora’s Box to the Morgue. As it turns out, the legends are a bit misleading, Pandora’s box is actually a jar. Getting the jar was the easy part. The hard part would be dealing with the impatient god that was eagarly awaiting it down the street. We couldn’t let Pan get his hands on this, no good would come of that. And he was a god. How were we to deal with that. We had no choice but to confront his. How do you stand up to a god. A brief fight ensued. Erik could barely touch him and Pan seemed bored. As much as I didn’t like it, we had to let him walk away.

As we returned, we found an somewhat unexpected and unwelcome, the culdren is back and Loki is trying to get our attention. This is getting to be too much. So off we go. To Iceland. Or so I thought. It seems that fate has once again interviened. We somehow were forced to land 1000 miles off course after all instruments when haywire. How we ended up in Greece I will never know. We were taken to the Orcale Cersi. On the way, we ran into Charlie. It really is a small world. It was good to see him again. He seems to be the only scion that we have found that we can trust. Hector is a great example of why. Apparently he is working for the other team now.

We joined up with Charlie and his new crew and made our way to the center of the island. It was there that we encountered the Orcale. She was the legendary Cersi, and she had some info for us, but wanted something from us before. I still don’t know why I agree. This was really up Brownsons alley. But after the deed was done, she was more willing to part with her information. Apparently our old friend Helfer is back with his gang. And he is working with the Titans. And apparently he is also trying to destroy the world as we know it. It was quite a day. So now, do we go after the culdren, or do we go after Helfer. I think that maybe the culdren could help us but that remains to be seen.


Well, this has turned out to be a frustrating couple of weeks. We managed to get Pandora’s Box with Pan breathing down our necks and we refused his deal. Unfortunately Pan decided as a punishment, that he would continue spread his “plague” around the world. I tried my best, I really did, but I was outmatched in trying to stop him. I will be hunting him down again though.

So we decided to continue our adventure heading to Iceland, but somehow ended up in marooned in Greece. After saving Charlie and his crew we ended up talking to he legendary Oracle Cersi. After some “convincing” she gave us some info on the furthering our journey and sent us on our way. What a whirlwind…

Pandors Box Ch 2

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