The Burned Pharaoh

The Final Leg


Well, this is it, we had a pretty good idea what needed to be done next. We dropped Shay off at the island, and I hope she follows her heart. I wanted to say more to her before I left but I couldn’t.

We headed off to the volcano, further and further down, finally reaching a forgotten stone gate. This looked like a good place to go so after making the crack a little wider I decided to check it out.

Grey… this is what we are heading for? Well piss on this, literally. After some wandering we find a mountain that leads up to what looks like sky! Then it shows up… a titan and it decided to bring some friends. Actually one really big friend that packed a wallop. But as they say, the bigger they are the harder they fall…

So after felling the turtle-esk behemoth, we hurried our way up and out of this forgotten underworld to be greeted by the gods themselves. We were all part of their plan evidently. I guess I don’t mind that we were a little bit of bait, at least we got to put some hurt on our way through!

The Final Leg

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