Anders Helfer

A billionaire by the age of 37, Anders Helfer Junior rose to the top of the financial field by virtue of brilliance and ruthlessness in equal measure. He is currently the Chairman of the board of NIFL, the Nyvarld Institute for Financial Leadership.


“It was at that moment, in the shadow of the Pyramid, when I realized how truly shallow my life had been. I left Egypt with a newfound sense of purpose; we all of us have a duty to change the world our parents leave us.” -Anders Helfer, TIME Magazine, 2010.

Born in 1949 to a life of financial comfort, Anders Helfer Jr lived his early years apparently free of any care or responsibility. His father’s fortune and influence allowed him to attend the finest universities, and he seemed to have little concern for the quality of his studies. Political favors prevented his military commission from causing much change to his lifestyle, until a helicopter crash over Germany left Helfer comatose for two weeks.
Upon his unexpected recovery, Captain Helfer resigned his commission, declining the Purple Heart for his injuries. The sudden death of his father left several million dollars in his care, and Helfer seemed determined to waste as much of his inheritance traveling the world in style as he could.

The summer of 1977 changed all that. Helfer is notoriously vague on the details of his time in Cairo, but on his sudden return from Egypt, Helfer attacked his life with a ferocity that amazed those who had known him before. With a business acumen previously foreign to him, Helfer began amassing an even more sizable fortune in the investment world. Market experts who scoffed at his newfound tenacity quickly discovered themselves deeply indebted to an increasingly aggressive Helfer, and their companies swallowed up whole by Helfer’s Nyvarld Institute.

Now an older and vastly more wealthy man, Helfer (and his money) labor tirelessly toward his goals. Those who once scoffed at him concede; his methods are often ruthless, but no one denies that he is effective in reaching his goals. Whatever Helfer’s ultimate purpose, he has already reshaped the world around him to his will.

Anders Helfer

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