A tenured professor in the field of engineering from Purdue University in Indiana.


The professor is in his early 40’s with hair that is starting to grey alittle. He is a wirely man that is deceptively strong and strudy. He has a background in Architechure and loves to built. His only real downside is that he sometimes has problems staying focused.


I find it truly amazing that a person actually have two lives without actually knowing it. Destiny is a funny thing. A life of a scion is no picnic let me tell you. It was about six months ago when my life as we know got turned all upside down. But the story started truly gets started when I was the one chosen to design and build the new satellite campus site just out of town.

Most of that area had not been developed yet. I had to spend several months surveying the land, just trying to find a suitable plot for the buildings. They say when you go out on surveys like this, you should never go it alone, and you never know what could happen. I however, was always the type that found it is easier to concentrate when you are on your own, less distraction. I really wish I was better at listening to old sage advice.
Have you ever been in the woods that just felt like you were being watched? It’s that vague unsettling feeling that makes almost sort of panicked and urges you to flee back to the city. The city is always safe. I felt that way every time I went to the site. That is where I believe that “It” got my scent.

The deforestation started smoothly enough and of course the construction was beginning on time. What can I say, I run a tight ship. When I was not at class or the site, I was in my office tweaking my designs. The head of our department, Prof. Heaver, was always telling me that the plans were excellent to give myself a break. You could almost see a glint of pride in his eyes when I explained to him I had an idea that would improve various sections. Even if we could not achieve it, we always need to strive for perfection. It was sort of nice; he was sort of a father like figure. Growing up, it was Mother and myself. My father had died before I was born. Even at 42, it feels nice to have someone who you consider a father.
When I had to be at a class, I would have one of my interns supervise the construction. Jim was by far the most competent. He was the one I left in charge if I had a choice. I also allowed him to survey more of the surrounding area for future development. I love interns; they are useful for so many things. However, they are just human.

It was the strangest thing at first; Jim just didn’t show up one day. I know he been surveying the previous day but he had to be back in town because he knew better than to be in the forest at night, that is how you hurt yourself. It wasn’t till after the “incident” that the authorities found his mutilated corpse. Apparently after getting all its information, “It” granted Jim a painful death. Something did not like the fact that we were there and something was going to try to stop us. And that meant stopping me.

It was the second day of Jim’s disappearance and I had just convinced myself that he had a family emergency and would call in the next day. It was getting late and I assumed that most of the faculty had gone home for the evening. I had often found myself alone in the engineering build. It was ok; Prof. Heaver had convinced security to give me an access code to get in and out without any hassle. Apparently he trusted me, and I worked hard to keep that trust.
It’s weird how your brain can play tricks on you at night. There is the strange noise you could sworn you just heard down the hallway, or the shadow that is dancing just beyond the corner of your eye. Sometimes your urge to investigate overrides that panicked urge to run. Maybe you just know that if you run, whatever “It” is will chase you down and eat you right then and there. Sometimes that instinct is right.

It was the weirdest sound that I kept hearing, that scratching noise that was coming from down the hall and around the corner. It was like something was tempting me to come and investigate. I could not resist. Slowly I crept down the dark hall trying not to make any noise. As I got closer to the corner the sound grew louder. The noise almost seemed to be coming from inside the walls. “What in the world was going on here” I thought to myself. I reached the corner and slowly peaked in the still empty hallway. I slowly crept around the corner by the lab. The window of lab showed a room filled with the darkest of night. I crept forward. That is when it struck. I only heard the shattering of the window and this distorted arm with thick white fur pull me through.

It slammed me against the wall and I was now face to face with wild, the best word for it was “Thing”. It stood like a man, but its wild features gave “It” the impression of being something much more wild and dangerous. I didn’t know what to do. Panic set in. I slash out and brought my fist down against its shoulder hard. Harder than I though was possible for me; and somehow that hurt “It”. Maybe hurt is a bad word. I think “made it madder” is probably more fitting. It stepped back with me still in hand and hurled me against the fall wall. The impact could be heard throughout campus. Once the dust settle, my eyes began to focus and I realized that I had not been thrown against a wall, I was thrown threw the wall. Technically I was thrown threw two walls, but that is neither here or there. How was I still alive? There is no way I could still be alive. Maybe I was dead, that’s it, maybe I was dead and just didn’t know it.

I looked up and there was Prof. Heaver bursting through the door. He looked at me, and at the man shaped hole that was in what must have been his office. “Stay here” he told me in a calm voice. “Huh, I must not be dead” I thought to myself. The Professor stalked through the hole into the lab where the thing lain in wait. I wanted to shout “DON’T GO IN THERE, THERE IS A MONSTER IN THERE” but nothing would come out. I saw Heaver step into the lab, which was again black, take in the scene. That is when it pounced again. Whatever it was and the professor tumbled out of my sight. I begin to get up to try to help. I heard the inhuman bestial noises coming thing from the beast. “Oh my God”, I thought, “Its going to kill him, I have to do something”. I got up and started to run towards the noise. That is when I heard a loud crack and sudden silence. Fearing the worst, I rushed into the lab which was oddly much better lit now. There was Professor Heaver standing over the body of that beast. “What the hell was that thing Heaver” I asked with a startling sense of urgency. “That, my son, is what is known as a Wendigo. And my name is not Professor Heaver. You can call me Dad my son. We need to talk”.


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