Erik Frost

5'11" 240lbs, blue eyes, dark hair, muscular


23 years old, Erik Frost is a champion UFC fighter. He donates much of his free time at the local boys club and is a part time mechanic at a local garage. He recently has enrolled in classes at Purdue University in hopes to get his degree in business.


Interview with The Bloody Elbow Magazine
By: Vicky Andrews

BE: Welcome and thank you for doing this interview with us.
Erik: Of course, I’m always available for my fans. (big smile)
BE: So tell us a little about yourself, where did you grow up?
Erik: I grew up in an orphanage in Lafayette, Indiana, just a quick hop from Purdue University.
BE: I heard you had a rough upbringing, would you care to tell us a little more about that?
Erik: Sure… I was picked on a lot growing up, well at least until I started going to the local Boys Club and learned some self defense. After learning to deal with bullies, I spent quite a bit of time teaching others and defending the kids from them (bullies).
BE: It’s pretty common for a UFC fighter to have tattoos, but I have never seen anything quite like yours. Do they mean anything?
Erik: They are Norse tattoos. This one here (points to left shoulder) is the tree of life and this one (points to chest) is a rune meaning winter or frost. Most of it is a combination of tribal runes that just came to me in a dream one night.
BE: Well they are some of the most stunning tattoos I have seen.
Erik: Thank you, I’m quite proud of them, they are a big part of me.
BE: I also noticed you have a pair of unique rings, would you care to expound upon them?
Erik: They were the only thing else in the basket when I was left at the orphanage. I believe they are somehow connected to my father. They are pretty much my only possessions in this world.
BE: Well, they are quite beautiful.
Erik: Thanks!
BE: I’m sure there are many women out there that what us to ask this next question. Are you dating anyone right now?
Erik: No, I don’t have anyone special in my life at the moment. It is a little rough maintaining a relationship with as much traveling as I have been doing.
BE: What do you do in your free time then?
Erik: When I’m not training, I’m an avid free runner and I love exploring old abandoned buildings. Both tend to lead a little into each other and it’s (exploring) not exactly the safest of past times but it is very fun. I am also a part time mechanic. I like to tinker with cars, make them better than what they started. I guess that’s really what got me into the UFC, I wanted to make myself better than I started.
BE: Speaking of the UFC, how did you get your nickname “The Hammer?”
Erik: That goes back to my first unsanctioned UFC fight. I had a lucky punch and the announcer said it looked like I took a hammer to my opponents face. Ever since they have called me The Hammer.
BE: Was he ok?
Erik: It took some time but yes.
BE: So, how does it feel to be a champion UFC fighter?
Erik: It feels good! Its been lots of training and preparing. I’ve dedicated this (championship) to the local Boys Club and all half the proceeds are going to them.
BE: That is very generous of you, it looks like we are out of time, I would like to thank you for visiting us here at the Bloody Elbow.
Erik: Anything for my fans.

Erik Frost

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