The Burned Pharaoh

Winds of Change

Life is a beautiful thing. It is a precious gift. When it is spared, it is a glorious thing. Kristin is alive and well, the boy should be happy with that. I know I am. I hope that her recovery is speedy and might serve as a warning that we will bring her nothing but harm. I hope for her sake that she stays away.

Not all the news is joyous. Two of my graduate students are dead, and its all my fault. The wolf returned, and it was after us. It was not enough that it trashed the Senators house or ravaged the journalist. It started attacking campus. It started attacking the students, my students.

I have two lives now. There is what I was and what I will be. Now is the time that they intersect. Until now, I managed to keep the two separate. The key word is that I managed. The one life was safe from the other. Parts started to infringe but everyone was safe. That illusion has vanished. That thing killed my students to get to me. I cannot stand by and allow that to happen. We killed the wolf but what if it happens again.

In the wake of the recent tragedies, I am requesting a leave of absence from the school. I don’t know how long this will be. At this point I don’t even know what I will do. All I know is that there is a world of trouble gunning for us and I need to keep my students safe. With the titans running about and that crazy Helfer still alive, I need to keep my students safe. And the only way I can do that is to keep my distance from them. I don’t know what I will do, but I am sure I will survive.

Gods Gone Wild

I always saw myself as the proverbial big man. I was never big in stature, but I always had big ideas that always gained me some respect. I have always been willing to stand up for myself and my ideas. That is how I have earned my position as a tenured professor. Widely considered to be one of the best in my field, I stand tall no matter what.

Today I was humbled. Today I saw what a true god can do. Granted we helped wake Thor up, but he was the one who won this fight. I just wish I had though this more though, if only I could have had the life of that driver spared. We need to think of the others whose lives we touched when it comes to are journey. But Thor is free. That is one god who is on the loose.

The more pressing point is our sudden disconnection with the divine. Something is going on up there that has cut us off from them. Maybe Thor will be able to go through. I hope there is something I can do to help. Maybe the fighter will have a way to contact his father. Maybe through him we can find out what is going on.

What to do when your new life slows down

Its been two weeks since I have heard anything from my father. For two weeks I have had an semi normal life. I had to lay low. I caught up on my paperwork and grading for the first time this semester. Once again, we are living in fear, whether its from that wolf, that reporter, or who knows what else. I am just trying to lay low. I miss this old life. I miss my peaceful existence. But I think I can now do better with myself now. The old ideals that I held the world to once I can apply to myself. People count on me, I have the ability to protect. But for now I have to lay low. Besides, my students are counting on me to grade their papers.

The Frailty of Flesh

It’s not fair. Why does everyone I know have to die? When my arm is snapped in two by a god, it heals in a matter of moments. First my mom, now this? Kristin is going to die. It’s getting to hard to protect her any more. We had our the first deaths in our party today. Two of Ryan’s agents bit the dust. I can’t protect the mortals from so many at once. Someone is going to pay for this…

Dwarves, Dark Elves and Thor, oh my!

So I got to meet my dad today. Not quite what I expected, let me tell you. But it turns out Loki had some dark elves tricking him into digging for something bad for us. At least we managed to snap him out of it (and snap some necks). I just wish I was able to spend some time with him and maybe get some answers. This just has been quite the whirlwind, I’m not sure what to do with all this info. Maybe a good nights sleep will help…maybe a nice fight would help…

Harpy's Heartstrings

Let me tell you, this has been an interesting past couple weeks. I learned that I’m the son of Thor, most things in mythology are real and I got my ass kicked by a giant dog. That’s quite a bit to wrap my head around so I decided to take it easy and work on that beautiful car siting in the garage. I love the simplicity of mechanics, pieces fitting where they should, no giant dogs biting at my heels. I just hope this lack of gas doesn’t mind being tweeked into a few more horses, it should provide quite a nice surprise for the owner…

Research Project

I have to find out what happened. I have to find out who did this. I have to put a bullet in their skull.

The police station was clean and smelled like a hospital. The guy at the desk, Sergeant Something-or-other, didn’t want to let me see the records, but I’m good at convincing people.

“If you need help finding anything, I’ll be back upstairs at the desk.” He said, standing on the bottom stair, “I probably shouldn’t be letting you do this…” He shook his head and turned around to head back up the stairs.

November 10th. It was her birthday. Somehow, I knew this wasn’t a coincidence. It couldn’t have been a random act of violence.

“…victim was found on front porch of residence…” I whispered to myself in the cold light of the basement. “…entry wound found of front of chest… exit wound not found… firearm only plausible murder weapon…” This wasn’t adding up. I printed out a copy of the case report. Maybe I can find someone who will have something to say about this.

As I grabbed the papers from the printer, I heard a voice talking to the cop upstairs, “Excuse me, Officer.” It was Felix.


I stuffed the papers in my backpack, the side with the guns. No one is taking this stuff from me. I can’t let anyone get in the way of me finding out the truth. I bolted for one of the basement windows. It wasn’t locked. I shimmied though the portal as two sets of footsteps descended the stairs. The window snapped shut behind me.

“Odd…” The Sergeant said to himself, “Could have sworn I didn’t hear that kid leave.”

I didn’t see or hear Felix after that, I was too long gone. I need to break that fucking camera.

Out of the Cauldron and into the Fire

We got a lead on a trek that won’t even take us out of the state. This time it’s from Prof Smith’s pop. A cyclops under his employment ran off with an expensive piece of merchandise: some kind of powerful mirror. The creature’s last known location was Gary, Indiana.
We showed up at the train terminal at the heart of the city. Krista had been following us, but a fib about internship by the professor made her decide to go home. We tracked down the underground room where the cyclops fell to Earth. Looked like he took some clothes and ran across the street to a run-down hotel. After investigating the security cameras and the staff, we determined the thing had been given a cab to a nearby foundry.
The staff was under the control of something. They weren’t acting like normal people would. They offered little resistance, however. In the foundry itself, we came across the culprit, caged, and its captors, fire giants, holding the mirror. A minor tussle ensued. It turns out the giants were trying to wake up some bigger fire giant sleeping under the foundry, but we messed that up. The more important thing is what happened with the cyclops and the Professor.
The cyclops had been a slave under Hephaestus. It hadn’t really done anything wrong, except fight for the titans against the gods. The professor was afraid the cyclops might hurt someone, like we know the fire giants have. I don’t know if I’m so sure about that, but we dropped the caged thing into a vat of molten steel. So much for him…

Trouble Comes Home, Chapter 1
I am a bad guy baby

I feel strong now, I feel faster now. I am one bad man. I feel like no one can stand in my way. It seem like just yesterday that I could not do a chin up and now I can hit a grown man over a fence or drop 30ft and rush headlong into a charging giant. I feel the power flowing through me, I feel…..different.

I am once again losing focus. Its more about how much I can take. I feel the need to dish out as much as I can get as well. It seems like the rage is growing stronger. It felt good wading through those security guards. It felt right. To meet their rage with my own felt strange, it was satisfying.

It felt good killing those giants. It was either us or them. I did what I felt was necessary. I took everything they could give and I gave back more. I am one bad dude.

Its easy to give in to the rage. I can feel my reason and logic falling to the side. Today just kicking in the front door (or driving through it as the case may be) just felt like the best idea. There was no thought to it. There was just the action. And it felt good. I felt better than I have felt in weeks. I did not even try to think of a different solution. There was only what I thought was right.

And then we even caught the Cyclops. Well, the bad guys caught him I should say. High in his cage he dangled there, just waiting for me to do something it seemed. I wanted to think he was evil and that he would do more evil if left on his own. Or should I say I didn’t want to think about it. Thinking would require judgement and logic, I just wanted this to be over. So I didn’t think. Instead I acted. I am not losing control, I have lost control. Tonight I realize there is a difference. I am a bad guy. Where did I go wrong?


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