The Burned Pharaoh

Cities of the Sun, Chapter Four


More fun stuff this week… we have drugs that seem to impart scion like powers to the taker. Took down one bad guy who was drugged up on the stuff, a mortal should never have power like that. Liam got into a fight with that darkness creature, turns out its some bat thing. He looked pretty rough coming out of the fight but he said he had wounded it. I’m still not looking forward to this fight, it feels a little out of our league, it has me a little worried.

Cities of the Sun, Chapter Four

We are starting to get to the bottom of things finally. And more importantly I think we have have gotten its full attention. I am getting tired of the hordes coming after us. But on the if you haven’t used a zombie to bludgeon another zombie then you just haven’t lived.

More importantly we have found potential allies in the Gannons. They even invited us over to their house. That is where the zombies attacked. As well as that bat thing. That is where we found out how dangerous Laim could be. That is not a guy I want to be on the wrong side of.

Cities of the Sun, Chapter Four

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